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Consumer Reports helmet testing

Consumer Reports tested various bicycle helmets for their impact resistance. I’ve gotta admit the results kind of surprised me.

RT @BikePortland: Want to hear @andersem and mysel…

RT @BikePortland: Want to hear @andersem and myself debate whether (and how) we should cover carnage? Listen to our latest podcast

California bill amended to remove bicycle knowledge requirement from license test

Quick quiz: Who remembers California Assembly Bill 840 introduced by Tom Ammaniano for the 2013 legislative session. Anybody? Anybody? This is the bill that would have required questions on bicycling, including questions about “bicycle markings, bicycle lanes, and bicycles in travel lanes” on California’s driver license test. Pretty cool, huh?

Hovding crash test dummies

Those “invisible bike helmet” people combine performance art with Yngwe Malmsteen’s fashion sense to demonstrate their Hovding inflatable helmet.

SRAM 2012 Red test ride

Not long ago, I had opportunity to put a few miles on a SRAM 2012 Red equipped bike.

Eurobike Report

Eurobike, the big European bicycle industry trade and consumer show, opened to crowds under sunny skies in Germany in spite of a shaky economy.