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Electric bicycles at Interbike?

One of the big things at Interbike are electric bicycles. Several vendors have eBikes on display and there seems to be a lot of interest from retailers. My question for you, my readers: Should I cover e-Bikes on Cyclelicious? Are these bicycles? Or are they small, underpowered motorcycles? What’s your opinion?

Interbike 2009: Big Bamboo

Calfee’s bamboo bikes have always been a hit at the bike shows they attend, and Brano Meres can always be counted on to do something interesting like he did with the bamboo composite bike he brought last year. Biomega introduced their Bamboo bicycle in 2005 and they brought it to the show this year (as read more »

Interbike 2009

Note: Cyclelicious will be at Interbike 2009 in Las Vegas posting daily from the show floor September 23 – 25 Interbike continues to be the place for gathering members of the bike industry at the 2009 Interbike International Expo and Outdoor Demo in Las Vegas the week of September 21-25. While at the five-day event, read more »

Electric bicycles

Thank you all so much for your comments about your feeling on electric bicycles. Electric assist bikes were huge at Eurobike and they were pretty big at Interbike this year. A lot of you expressed interest, so I went around and talked with several of the electric assist bike vendors including BionX, Currie/iZip, Schwinn, UltraMotor/A2B, read more »

Urbana Current Ebike

Urbana Bikes plans to start selling the Urbana Current, a pedalec version of their heavy duty utility commuter bicycle.

Compile and run

Random geek amusement for this Hump Day. Copy and paste the below as a single line into a file, and compile with a C compiler. Ignore the warnings. It’s a classic “quine” program from decades back, and it still works with the gcc 4.1.2 compiler in my modern Linux distro. YMMV. The fun part is read more »