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Endurance Conspiracy

Ironman champion Tony “Muffin” DeBoom is accustomed to spendy, technical apparel. What he wants is comfortable, conscientious, art-driven casual clothing that represented his lifestyle. So he created the Endurance Conspiracy, an athlete owned, art driven, casual clothing line that captures the essence of endurance sports through artistic designs and environmentally friendly materials. Learn more at read more »

25 Compeletely Awesome Cycling Advocacy T-Shirts

Guest Post from Melody Stone in Sacramento. T-shirts are for making statements and as cyclists we’ve got a lot to say. So I set about collecting the coolest cycling activism t-shirts on the web. Some of these t-shirt designs are simple and with a subtle statement, but I feel they still loudly exclaim the benefits read more »

Wonder Woman rides a bicycle

And so does her little dog. I saw this cute t-shirt at SF Bike Expo 2011. Available from Endurance Conspiracy. H/T to Rich for helping me identify the t-shirt company.