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Engrish Bicycle

On a bicycle downtube… “If every Jack and Gill loves bicycle so much, every road would be so marvelous place.” From Engrish Funny.

Downtube Engrish

“Once this door opens, happinesswaits for us. I wush to to meet happiness as soon as possible by opening the door with key. Can you follow this change? Willfully daring?” From

バイクツーワークデイ : Bike To Work Day Japan

  Go figure: There’s a Bike To Work Day in Japan!

Cyclists power supercomputer

MIT cyclists generated 1.2kw to power a supercomputer in response to Google’s “Innovate or Die” challenge. SciCortex is new to the supercomputing field. With their relatively slow MIPs processors they don’t have any contenders in the Top 500 list of supercomputers, but SciCortex is known for their development of very low power supercomputers, which is read more »