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Epicurean Cyclist

Cycling photographer Russ Roca started a new bicycling blog that he calls The Epicurean Cyclist. If you prefer wool to polyester, twine to electrical tape and friction to index shifting, then there’s a good chance you might like his site. Russ will write about bike camping and touring and some of the things he likes. read more »

Speedplay Pedal Museum

Russ Roca visited the San Diego Handmade Bike Show and talked with Richard Bryne from Speedplay about their Museum of Pedal History. For more bike-y goodness, go to Epicurean Cyclist.

Culinary Cycling Adventure Series

Introducing “Pedaling”, a gastronomic adventure on two wheels – New Culinary Cycling Adventure Series Features NYC in First Installment This looks like my style of adventure cycling: A new series of videos beginning in 2010 to highlight the joy of eating and cycling at PEDALING.TV. The PEDALING episodes will contain practical tips for urban cycling, read more »

Bicycle news

Happy June 1, everybody! How about a huge balloon for head protection? Model Lydia Hearst rides a bicycle during a shoot for Vanity Fair Magazine. (Confidential to Ben: Since this is a photoshoot, is this a reasonable compromise?) The ultra cool and effective “Freiker” incentives arrives in Wisconsin. McFarland, WI is a suburb of Madison, read more »