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Fall Bike To Work Day Santa Cruz

Tomorrow (Thursday, October 2 2008) is the Fall Bike To Work Day for Santa Cruz County in California. Bike to one of the Breakfast stations and register to win $500 in cash.

Teens to bike from Santa Cruz to Monterey and back

This Memorial Day weekend, a group of local teens will do something many of them never thought possible — pedal their bikes nearly 100 miles from Santa Cruz to Monterey and back. This is the fifth year of Bike the Bay, an annual youth ride organized by Green Ways to School. Green Ways to School, read more »

A good example of a news story about biking to work

The first time I was interviewed for a “bike to work” story a little over a decade ago, I gave my story – I’ve biked to work since the 1980s, through all weather, and my rides to work are overwhelmingly pleasant and without incident. He asked about any accidents. With 20 years of biking, I’ve read more »

Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival 2013 recap

Do you know that truism that if you want something done, give it to the guy that already has too much on his plate? Sometimes that’s me.

Something for Santa Cruz Railfans

The North American Railcar Operators Association plans an excursion the weekend of May 4 and 5 on the the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Railway. Railroad motorcars are those short, specialized track inspection vehicles like the vehicle shown below. Railroads have since replaced them with hybrid road-rail vehicles for this kind of work — those read more »

Karen builds a mountain bike trail

Santa Cruz journalist and mountain biker Karen Kefauver spends a day building a new trail.