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Favorite bike journalist

I would have voted for Carlton Reid, but he’s not one of the choices! I thought maybe they’re looking for USA only bike journalists, but Chipp is one of the choices. I picked Urban Jeff for this poll. As of the time I voted, Jeff was in the lead by a lot!

A bike demo, hill sprints, and oh my aching legs

Whatever doesn’t kill me only makes me cry “Uncle!”: I overdid things with an extended demo on Specialized’s latest Roubaix bike and then hill sprints on a fixed gear bike. I’m in some real pain today. Ow.

Biking journalist Dan Casey

Dan Casey has been a journalist for 25 years and is the “Metro” Columnist for the Roanoke (VA) Times. He writes that his all-time favorite newspaper headline is “Bicyclist Guns Down Motorist.” The other day he asked his readers for their thoughts on Representative Eric Cantor’s nitpicking of bike paths and bike racks as wasteful read more »

Australia and bicycles

Australian Bicycle Blogs for 2013. Happy Straya Day!

Car Buzz

Car Buzz UK is an automotive review / ratings website that has gotten a lot of online social media attention due to their positive article about how drivers can more safely share the road with cyclists.