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Fishing and your bicycle

When I was a kid my friends and I just carried our rods in one hand while controlling the bike with the other hand. I still see people — children and adults — doing the same thing today, but there are fancier options available: special mounts for carrying your fishing pole on your bike hands read more »

$28 hard pannier

The Donkey Boxx pannier is a practical, low cost corrugated plastic box for your bicycle.

Rainy Sunday Streets

San Francisco’s final “Sunday Streets” event for 2010 fizzled out when nobody showed yesterday.

Bamboosero: Building Bamboo Bikes For A Better Future

One of the exhibitors coming to the Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show I’m particularly keen to see is Bamboosero, a group of independent bamboo frame builders from throughout the developing world.

$3.49 per gallon

That’s the price I saw this morning for regular unleaded at the Shell gas station on Alma Street in Palo Alto, CA. Granted, that’s always the most expensive station in town, but it’s still a dramatic jump from the $3.20 or so they had last week. Near my home, the nearest gas stations were at read more »