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Fixed and broken

I normally zip through congested downtown traffic on my fixed gear bike with confidence, but last night my bicycle felt oddly non-responsive, as if I was sailing with a missing dagger board. I figured I either drank too much coffee or I didn’t get enough sleep. It was an uncharacteristically non-zen feeling for a fixed read more »

Walmart fixed speed sold out

Heh. The infamous Mongoose Cachet fixed speed bicycle is “Out of Stock Online.” Sold out just weeks after product introduction. I hope Walmart’s bike buyer got a promotion.

South Bay carnage claims three year old

o On Sunday afternoon, a sociopath with no regard for human life made a left turn with his Ford F-250 pickup truck across an occupied crosswalk on Oak Street near downtown San Jose, CA. The driver killed a 3 year old boy in a stroller and injured two older girls who were also crossing the read more »

Thrilling ride

Picture me riding downhill on a fixed gear bike, kicking to skid to a stop when the chain snaps. There’s just a thrilling second of freewheeling. Before I can even think of reacting the broken chain wraps itself between the rear fork and the spinning wheel. Suddenly, the wheels locks up tight, and I skid read more »

Everyday adventure

How does your everyday adventure look? This is me on a fixed gear bike, 1850 feet above sea level and about 10 miles from home on a fixed gear bicycle. And this is the story of how I got there.

Hear me on The Spokesmen cycling podcast

I got up bright dark and early Thursday morning to join David Bernstein and Carlton Reid for a new episode of The Spokesmen Cycling Podcast. Listen to us here where we discuss leg waxing, indoor trainer tips, a little bit of politics, Twitter, and Thanksgiving. We had probably two hours of material and covered maybe read more »