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Fixed and broken

I normally zip through congested downtown traffic on my fixed gear bike with confidence, but last night my bicycle felt oddly non-responsive, as if I was sailing with a missing dagger board. I figured I either drank too much coffee or I didn’t get enough sleep. It was an uncharacteristically non-zen feeling for a fixed read more »

Walmart fixed speed sold out

Heh. The infamous Mongoose Cachet fixed speed bicycle is “Out of Stock Online.” Sold out just weeks after product introduction. I hope Walmart’s bike buyer got a promotion.

Palo Alto Adobe Creek not closed

The Adobe Creek viaduct under Highway 101 connecting the Bay Trail with the city of Palo Alto normally closes on October 15 due to winter flooding. No rain means no flooding, so the city Public Works Department announced the trail will remain open for now, although it will be subject to closing at any time read more »

South Bay carnage claims three year old

o On Sunday afternoon, a sociopath with no regard for human life made a left turn with his Ford F-250 pickup truck across an occupied crosswalk on Oak Street near downtown San Jose, CA. The driver killed a 3 year old boy in a stroller and injured two older girls who were also crossing the read more »

Thrilling ride

Picture me riding downhill on a fixed gear bike, kicking to skid to a stop when the chain snaps. There’s just a thrilling second of freewheeling. Before I can even think of reacting the broken chain wraps itself between the rear fork and the spinning wheel. Suddenly, the wheels locks up tight, and I skid read more »

Everyday adventure

How does your everyday adventure look? This is me on a fixed gear bike, 1850 feet above sea level and about 10 miles from home on a fixed gear bicycle. And this is the story of how I got there.