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Heat wave

Happy Friday! I know Biking Viking and the rest of you in America east of the Rocky Mountains are suffering through a heat wave, but it’s jacket weather here in California in the middle of July. That means perfect weather for tonight’s San Jose Bike Party ride. The theme: “Mad Science.” Tonight’s ride starts promptly read more »

More bicycle news

Happy Hump Day once again. I’m curious: Does anybody read those Twitter and Facebook link aggregations at I’m thinking about giving it a try but I don’t know whether I should bother or not. Please let me know! Bike news below…

Bike rider demographic?

Hypebeast on Copy, an American fashion label. Titled “The Rider”, the collection positions itself as a brand of footwear for the bike enthusiast. Combining minimalist design with the proper reinforcements necessitated by riding, copy joins a growing number of brands appropriated for the increasingly large rider demographic.

Bicycle blog

Vote for Bostonian of the year. Each year, Boston Globe Magazine selects “Bostonian of the Year.” One of the nominees is Boston’s Bike Planner (and former Olympic cyclist) Nicole Freedman. I don’t know if your vote counts or not, but cast your ballot for Nicole here. Vote for Change. Several people have submitted their ideas read more »