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Question: Full size folding bikes?

I have a friend who wants a bike so he can bike to work from the train station. He’s considering a full sized folding bike, like those available from Montague with 26″ wheels. Are full sized folders at all practical for multimodal commutes? Can you haul these into a bus or train? Caltrain’s folding bike read more »

Why are folding bikes so heavy?

This is a common question whenever I publish the weight of a folding bike. This started out as an ‘authoritative’ post on why folding bikes are so heavy, but to be honest I’m not exactly an expert in the field. I think they’re heavy because they have thicker tubes because they lack the triangular geometry read more »

Folding bikes at Fashion Week

Bike Friday teamed up with young fashion designer Telfar Clemens by creating five custom monogrammed Friday Tikit folding bicycles for Telfar’s models to ride as they presented his new athletically inspired “Breathe” collection for 2009. Bike Friday’s “customer evangelist” Lynette Chang showcases the model selection in this video (spoiler: they have to be comfortable riding read more »

A critical mass of folding bikes

Look at all of them folding bikes at the San Francisco Bay Area Folder Fest! The bike owners are all geeking out over all the different kinds of folding bikes. The FolderFest took place today. More at

Return of the double triangle folding bike from Dahon

Although Dahon has designed double triangle folding bikes in the past, they don’t have any in their current lineup. That will change with the introduction of their new Dahon Clinch folder for the 2015 model year.

Folding bike discounts for Stuttgart transit users

Verkehrs und Tarifverbund Stuttgart (VVS) — the regional public transportation cooperative for Stuttgart, Germany and neighboring regions — are piloting a program encouraging the use of folding bikes with area buses and trains to alleviate bicycle parking congestion in front of train stations and the crowding of train cars with non-folding bicycles. Working with the read more »