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Ladies Ride in San Jose

San Jose Bike Party 2nd Annual Ladies Ride takes place this Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 6 PM.

"Ladies" bikes?

Larry lives in a retirement community in my town. He had hip replacement surgery a while back and likes this old Dahon because he can step right into the frame without swinging a leg over a top tube. “And it doesn’t look like a girl’s bike,” he tells me.

Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival 2013

The 4th Annual Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival will celebrate Santa Cruz County’s mountain bike culture the weekend of April 13-14, 2013 in Aptos, California.

Here comes Santa Claus…

Santa was seen in San Luis Obispo warming up for next week’s world tour: Photo used with permission. Read more about Santa’s adventures at the SLO Santa blog. If you still need gift ideas for the cyclist in your family, read or listen to the latest edition of The Spokesmen. If you’re a clueless male read more »

Bike stuff for girls

For the ladies who need help in selecting the right riding clothing, Girl Meets Bike writes up some handy tips on what to look for.

Skirt and bicycle

Many women I know prefer the more “feminine” look of skirts and dresses even while cycling; my wife is one of them. In the San Francisco Bay Area, I see a handful of women who dress up for work and ride their bikes in their office wear. One in particular I see almost every day read more »