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The Fourth Power Rule

Discussion about fees and taxes for bicycles so that we cyclists “pay our fair share” often turn to mentions of the “Fourth Power Rule.” What is this mysterious Fourth Power Rule?

Salinas cyclist intentionally doored

Here’s a curious case. I saw this dispatch from Davis Road at Post Drive in Salinas, California. Location: N Davis Rd / Post Dr, MONTEREY COUNTY – Feb 2 2015 3:59AM 20002-Hit and Run No Injuries — Feb 2 2015 4:00AM VEH VS BICYCLIST — Feb 2 2015 4:03AM TRUCK DROVE INTO BICYCLIST LANE AND read more »

That tree under Montague Expressway

During one of our rainstorms over this past week this tree became wedged under Montague Expressway on the Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose, California.

Santa Clara Ride Every Road status

Some of you who follow me on Strava have wondered about the strange meandering routes I sometimes take through the city of Santa Clara. You’re seeing my Ride Every Road Santa Clara project. So far this year, I’ve covered maybe 70% of the 240 miles of surface streets in Santa Clara.

Steeps, sprints, and selfies

Good day, all. I conquered a small mountain. That, and Tour de France spoilers below.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez on Bogota’s “Cycling Fever”

Back when the recently deceased Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a journalist for El Espectador in 1955, he reported on the scofflaw cyclists who endangered ordinary citizens.