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Frazz: Helmets for motorists

Frazz rules.


Read and discuss. I saw $4.75 at the 76 gas station in Menlo Park on my way to work this morning. I brought my daughter to work so we rode the employee shuttle. For the first time I ever saw every seat in the shuttle was taken.

Why do you do that if it hurts?

Frazz on pain and exercise.

Fight global warming and obesity

First of all, let’s extend a welcome to Bob Shantaeu of Monterey, California. He wrote article about sponsored research in bicycle traffic the other day. He’s a professional traffic engineer who has also been heavily involved in bicyclist advocacy since the 70s in the San Francisco Bay Area. You’ll see his name on the minutes read more »

Trek: One World, Two Wheels

Update: See Jame’s thoughts on Trek’s commitment and 1000 Limes. Trek’s Commitment: One World, Two Wheels. Trek Dealers are working to get people to ride their bikes and make a more bike friendly world, one mile at a time. We all know the world has some problems; gas is expensive and cars pollute, the roads read more »