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San Jose City Council to discuss Diridon Area Plan tonight

In computer systems, the “BIOS” (which used to stand for “Basic Input Output System”) is the initial code that runs when a PC system is first powered on. After power-on self test (POST) and various other initialization activities, the BIOS code finds CPUs, memory, add-on cards and storage devices before passing control to an operating read more »

Going back to Menlo

Wednesday and Thursday have been spent back at my former work place in Menlo Park.

Dennis Ritchie legacy

I was saddened to learn Thursday of Dennis Ritchie’s passing this past weekend.

Snow day reading

I lived in Wichita Falls, Texas for a while (before that monstrosity of an elevated freeway was constructed straight over downtown), and one distinct memory I have is that of a whole long line of police cars responding to an accident on the north side of town during an unusually wintry day. I watched from read more »

Broken seatpost!

Happy Friday, everybody. I was Just Riding Along when my plastic seatpost snapped on my bike ride to work this morning. There was a loud *ka-RACK* and suddenly my saddle is a lot more flexy than before. Specialized’s parts warranty only runs one year, and this seatpost is three years old. I wonder if it read more »