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Free bike lights for Stanford students

The Stanford student government passed out 200 bicycle lights and Jamba Juice smoothies yesterday during the inaugural day of the three day ASSU bike light extravaganza. The giveaway continued today and will be repeated tomorrow at noon. This is a safety initiative from the Associated Students of Stanford University, aka ASSU, which is the student read more »

Most dangerous intersections? Not hardly.

A sensationalist hit piece disguised as investigative journalism from ABC7 News in San Francisco highlights the “dangers” of cycling.

NYMEX light sweet crude price

First of all, that photo is a picture of Stanford students lined up with their bicycles to collect free bike lights from the Bike Light Extravaganza this week. Stanford’s student government handed out 600 lights during the three days of this bike safety event. Perhaps these bike cops should have dropped by to pick up read more »