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Live streaming Folsom women’s time trial today

Women’s racing was part of the Amgen Tour of California Tour Tracker live streaming application during the first stage yesterday when Carmen Small of Specialized / Lululemon won the circuit race in Sacramento on Sunday. #489597815 /

Pacific Avenue buskers

  Seen this weekend in Santa Cruz, California. The guy with the ukulele calls himself Ocho the Owl. You can find his tunes at Reverb Nation. Here’s a pro tip for those of you visiting Santa Cruz. I know it might be very warm “over the hill” in the Santa Clara Valley, but it can read more »

Hump Day Roundup

Sarcasm from Kent Peterson: He goes car shopping. More stuff below the photo of me sharing the road in Santa Cruz County.

Sunny and hot

TGIF. The weather is supposed to be sunny and hot along the coast this weekend, which means the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has declared a Spare the Air Day for Saturday because of expected high ozone levels. With this wonderful weather and dropping gasoline prices, we’ll see a lot of beach and boardwalk read more »

Fun show

I participated in the latest Spokesmen Cycling Podcast. This podcast ran a little long but David Bernstein, Rich Kelly, Tim Jackson, Carlton Reid and I had a fun time putting it together. For whatever reason the show notes aren’t appearing for me, but you can listen to the show with iTunes or directly on your read more »

Bike to work book

From Carlton Reid… Sign up for the free newsletter for the Bike to Work Book, and click through to listen to the podcast, too. Or peruse a PDF for the book from here (the PDF is viewable online, no need to download it). The Bike to Work Book is to be co-published in November by read more »