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Metaphor for freedom

The Motion Initiative (TMI) uses bicycles to “facilitate adventure, freedom, and hope, through the gateway of cycling, to the inner city youth of Grand Rapids, Michigan.”

How Women Rode the Bicycle to Freedom

Wheels of Change: How Women Rode the Bicycle to Freedom (With a Few Flat Tires Along the Way) by Sue Macy. National Geographic published a new book for teens and young adults on the history of women and cycling. [Ad]


I had a post in mind about 9/11, terrorism and American liberty, but it’s a busy day week at work so I’ll point you to this old article on Freedom from Citizen Rider. They hate us because we are free. They hate us because we question the beliefs they hold so fervently. They hate us read more »

Levi’s launches cycling apparel for women

Four years after Levi’s introduced their Commuter line of cycling-specific jeans and other clothing for men and one year after I tweeted about their plans, Levi’s announced their Commuter apparel for women.

Cycling Cairo women overcome cultural prejudices

Haitham El-Tabei wrote about the challenges women face when cycling in Cairo, Egypt. He notes that women enjoy more freedom in Egypt than in some neighboring countries, but they still must endure sexual harassment and violence in a culture that considers it inappropriate for women to ride bikes. View image | 31 year old read more »

When is a bike jersey a stick of anti-perspirant?

I’ve been experimenting with’s sales information, which lists the top sellers for various categories such as women’s cycling apparel. Because this data mining is automated, I sometimes see weird things. Check out, for example, the top seller under the category “Women’s Cycling Jersey.”