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Full lockers at work

I’ve chronicled how the local trains and buses have maxed out on bicycle capacity. I’ve encountered another bicycling infrastructure capacity issue on my commute. The shower lockers are now all in use. We don’t have assigned lockers at my work — the cyclists and joggers and others who use the showers just hang our sweaty read more »

Silicon Valley workplace bike facilities

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition now has a crowd sourced workplace bike parking map online. The map shows bike parking and other commuter facilities available at submitted job locations in the South Bay and Peninsula.

Bike Share performance in the South Bay

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) will provide an update on the performance Bay Area Bike Share in Santa Clara County during the VTA Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting on July 9, 2014.

Three sad bikes in Santa Cruz

I saw this trio of bikes locked up at the downtown Santa Cruz Metro Center transit station over the weekend. Let’s evaluate their security. Number one is this Gary Fisher Big Sur, secured with a Master Lock cable lock.

Portland tops in bicycle airport access

Can you bike to the nearest airport? Phyllis Orrick of the Safe Transportation Research & Education Center and Karen Trapenberg Frick of the University of California Transportation Center examined bicycle access for airport employees at a variety of airports in the United States.

Facebook transportation plan

As Facebook continues moving their people to their new Menlo Park campus (and the location of my former office), people in Menlo Park and East Palo Alto express concerns about the traffic generated through their towns.