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Global Post says "Link to us"

While the Associated Press made some noise recently about going after blogs that link to their content with an introductory snippet, the new Global Post online news site is actively inviting bloggers to link to their articles. When I quote portions of news articles I try not to get abusive — I don’t copy the read more »

San Jose Airport closes Ewert Road for Super Bowl 50

This sign announcing a closure for Ewert Road in San Jose, CA surprised me this morning. As far as I’m aware, there has been no announcement of this road closure. Ewert is a vitally important connector for cyclists traveling east and west. The immediately adjacent U.S. Highway 101, a limited access highway which provides the read more »

25 Compeletely Awesome Cycling Advocacy T-Shirts

Guest Post from Melody Stone in Sacramento. T-shirts are for making statements and as cyclists we’ve got a lot to say. So I set about collecting the coolest cycling activism t-shirts on the web. Some of these t-shirt designs are simple and with a subtle statement, but I feel they still loudly exclaim the benefits read more »

Hump Day

Is it Wednesday already?

Those scofflaw cyclists

Where: Ringwood Avenue, Menlo Park, California. When: This morning. Who: The guy riding the bicycle in front of me. What: He almost got creamed by a left turning car. Why: Because the ditz on a bike completely blew through a stop sign at the all-way stop. The left turning car driver very clearly had the read more »

Strong, Light and Beautiful

Good morning. About the time this is autoposted on Friday morning, I’m enjoying the last bit of good weather in the Bay Area by joining Beverly and Kate in Cupertino for a short road ride.