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Glow In the Dark Bicycle

Pure Fix Cycles in Southern California announces a phosphorescent fixed gear bicycle.

Glow in the dark bicycle

The Puma Urban Mobility folding bicycle will be available in a “glow in the dark” edition this spring, according to the WIRED Gadget blog. Puma’s Urban Mobility bikes are equipped with Shimano’s 8 speed Alfine, a lightweight rack (22 lb weight limit), disc brakes and a tiny handlebar basket for wallets and cellphones. It looks read more »

Bike light giveaways in San Jose CA

Two December bike light giveaways in San Jose: December 14, and December 18. Details below. The city of San Jose, CA Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee will have their annual free light and helmet giveaway this Monday, December 14th, from 4:30 – 5:30 pm, in front of the King Library in downtown San Jose. Their goal read more »

CYCLELICIOUS Life Paint, now available in USA

In their efforts to raise the stakes in the Conspicuity Arms Race, Volvo famously announced a reflective spray paint giveaway at a few select bike shops in the UK. While supplies last, you can now purchase Cyclelicious Life Paint right here in America and outshine your bike-riding frenemies! Unlike Albedo100 reflective products provided through Volvo, read more »

Friday’s Pro Tip: Don’t try to bike through a police barricade when a maniac in the national capital starts shooting. Even Canadian law enforcement will take you down, albeit politely and with utmost professionalism. More bike news below the photo of cyclist Bernard Desgagne on the ground. #457676706 /

Look at me! Look at me!

You’ve seen bikes covered with glow-in-the-dark and reflective surfaces. They look cool, but they might not provide the eye-popping visibility that you really expect. What if there was a captivating coating for your bike that increases your conspicuity while looking sexy? Darkside Scientific has developed an electroluminescent (EL) coating system that can be painted onto read more »