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Good Times sez "Kick the habit"

Pledge to try commute alternatives for a chance to win prizes! I sat down in my local coffee shop with a copy of Good Times, one of the weeklies published in Santa Cruz, California. The cover story, Kick The Habit, gives commute alternatives for those who live in Santa Cruz. Elizabeth Limbach writes about the read more »

Z sez: Yield to Life

Professional racing cyclist Dave Zabriskie started Yield to Life to engage in a vigorous awareness campaign to promote positive attitudes toward cyclists and replace any hostility that exists between motorists and cyclists with understanding, respect, and appreciation for all life on the road. Safety for every cyclist is the top priority of Yield to Life. read more »

Drip dry

I’m running behind today because of the weather. I got up, saw the rain, and went back to bed. Yes, I know how to stay dry on the bike. Yes, I know I won’t melt. And yes, I know you folks in Seattle are probably wondering “what rain?” (Cue Bike Hugger and “You’re doing it read more »