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Good stuff from Holier Than You

My buddy Murph has some good stuff on his blog: * On the recently completely San Francisco bike plan Environmental Impact Review, Murph looks at the gridlock around a new Costco gas station and wonders if an EIR was required for their gas station. * Murph owns a vacation home in the Sonoma Wine Country. read more »

You know I love you when…

You know I love you when I order a pie for you from Bike Pasket Pies, hand you some Zero Per Gallon stickers and tees, or maybe even pitch a couple of Clean Bottle water bottles your way. And in case you missed the hint, next Monday is Obligatory Love Gifts Day, so watch for read more »

Wednesday update

When I saw that buck-vs-trail-rider video I joked about the relative hazards of road vs mountain biking. The reality: I don’t know how dangerous or safe mountain biking is relative to road cycling, mostly because I’ve never bothered to look up the safety data for mountain biking. At the time, I didn’t know safety data read more »


I’ve been super busy at work, so I’m going to just point you to other good blog posts today. Cozy Beehive always has good stuff — here’s a collection of Ron’s recent posts: Campy 11 speed chain failure; Campy requires a $200 chain tool to change their 11 speed chain! Renewing research interest in bicycles. read more »

Flagged for best of Craigslist

I flagged this post for best of Craigslist: TRADE Live Crab for Bike I fish crab like the one in the picture. 2-3+ pound each. They are Alive. NOT DEAD so they are very fresh. I want to trade some of them for that old broken flat tired bike that sits in your garage. Or read more »