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Google Social and bikes

I’ve enabled Google Social and Google now (occasionally) returns results from my “social circle” to, theoretically, get the latest dirt on what my friends are talking about. I typed in “Tour of California” for example, and Google Social returned Steephill’s 2007 AToC dashboard, my Sacramento photoset from earlier this year, and a call for volunteers read more »

Googlers on bikes

A reader wrote into the the Mr. Roadshow column the other day in the Mercury News: Q. I work across the street from the Googleplex. I am sending you a message that I sent to the Mountain View police, as the behavior of the Googlers doesn’t seem to be changing: “This afternoon at approximately 3:55 read more »

Feedly OPML export broken?

I haven’t done a bicycle blog & news roundup in some time, but before I get into that: Has anybody successfully used an OPML file exported from Feedly? Specifically, I’d like to go back to Old Reader. I thought Old Reader had my subscriptions, but nope, not there. So I looked at my Google Takeout read more »

End of the week news roundup

Photo from SXSW by Bike Hugger:

Email subscriptions

  About 13,000 people subscribe to the Cyclelicious RSS feed. 85% of you use Google Reader to follow that feed. As you no doubt have heard, Google announced Reader will go away Real Soon Now. If you don’t want to bother with setting up another RSS feed reader, you can sign up for an emailed read more »

The week’s most interesting bicycle jobs

  Good news folks: there were a lot of bicycle gigs advertised this week. Before I get into my favorites I’d like to give you some quick information on how I find these jobs.┬áMy main source is a simple RSS feed (I use Google Reader) of job listings from about 75 cities on Craigslist. This read more »