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Google Trends: bicycle searches

Google Trends is a handy tool to show interest in terms of how often people search for stuff. Here’s the graph for the USA and California showing how often people searched for “bicycle” from 2004 through 2013.

What does “Critical Mass” mean to you?

If you played word association with Joe and Jane Random, how would they respond to Critical Mass? In 1934, Hungarian phycisist Leó Szilárd filed his patent for a neutron-induced nuclear chain reaction and introduced the concept of “critical mass.” The critical mass is the smallest amount of fissile material needed for a sustained nuclear chain read more »

About that Bolivian mandatory bicycle law’s story about a mandatory bicycle law in Bolivia’s fourth largest city is making the rounds in various social media forums after this Spanish language editorial landed on Reddit. The gist of the editorial: Councillor Beatriz Zegarra for the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia introduced a proposal to mandate bicycle use at least one day per read more »

The short history of Cycle Chic

Way back in 2007 I made note of a brand new blog on “Cycle Chic.” Back then, most of you knew me as “Fritz” while Mikael Colville-Anderson went by the nom de plume “Zakkalicious.” He called his blog Cycleliciousness, changed it (briefly) to “Copenhagen Girls On Bikes” before settling on Copenhagenize. I wrote back then read more »

Brooklyn Bike Lanes

Happy Holidays, all. It’s sunshiny and wonderful if a little chilly in my corner of California — perfect riding weather. I hear many of you will have a white Christmas this weekend, so stay safe on the roads.

Interbike Outdoor Demo East scheduled October 21-22, 2008

Interbike Outdoor Demo East – October 21-22, 2008. Roger Williams Park, Providence, RI Interbike announced today that they will host the first annual Interbike Outdoor Demo East Tuesday, October 21 to Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Roger Williams Park in Providence, R.I. The Interbike Outdoor Demo East event is based read more »