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Googlers on bikes

The top two photos below are clearly from the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. I don’t recognize the street in the bottom photo, though.

Googlers on bikes

A reader wrote into the the Mr. Roadshow column the other day in the Mercury News: Q. I work across the street from the Googleplex. I am sending you a message that I sent to the Mountain View police, as the behavior of the Googlers doesn’t seem to be changing: “This afternoon at approximately 3:55 read more »

Google’s bike vision for Silicon Valley

A vision for Silicon Valley as a bicycle Shangri La Nine percent of employees who work at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California currently bike to work. Google co-founder Sergey Brin has reportedly told shareholders that he is “annoyed” at having to pay $40,000 for each parking space. To that end, his company’s transportation planners read more »

Bike To Work Day Silicon Valley 2012

The San Francisco Bay Area will celebrate Bike To Work Day this Thursday, May 10 2012.