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Grandma on a bike

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments on Anthony’s post about a “United Front”. Please be sure also to submit your pro cyclist questions to Michael before noon today (U.S. Eastern Time). This cute short film features a humorous car chase by Mormor on a bicycle. Girl Power Funny Videos | Cinematic Comedy | read more »

Consumerist says Ride a Bike

College students pay out the wazoo for parking permits on top of the usual costs of car ownership and operations. Consumerist suggests: Sell that car grandma gave you before you get to school, or else you’ll be stuck paying repair costs, insurance, gas and parking. Need to drive to visit home on the holidays and read more »

Free bike weekend at Governors Island

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (September 19-21, 2008) is Free Bike and Kite Weekend at Governors Island in New York. With help from Transportation Alternatives, Governors Island visitors can borrow a bike this weekend for up to an hour. Crazy things happen when you offer people free bike rides on car-free streets. People who haven’t read more »

Crate & Barrel bicycles

Crate & Barrel’s CB2 stores has Dutch bikes for sale online and at their stores.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Eva Heyman was a Hungarian Jew during World War II. Shortly after the Nazi’s invaded Hungary, she wrote in her diary: Today they came for my bicycle. I almost caused a big drama. You know, dear diary, I was awfully afraid just by the fact that the policemen came into read more »