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Grease Monkey wipes

Disposable latex gloves are one of those things you’re supposed to carry on your bike for the inevitable flat tire repair. You slip them on your hands to keep them clean. It’s an obvious tip, but for whatever reason latex gloves often don’t work for me. They disintegrate over time. In hot weather, the gloves read more »

Cyclelicious Top 10 for 2010: Search keywords

Happy Holidays. I’ve listed the top 10 search phrases people used to find Cyclelicious in 2010. The SEO nuts can go crazy with this one if you want.

Ride with Fritz, get free stuff

Happy Bay Area Bike To Work Day, everybody! Ride with me in the Mountain View to San Jose bike convoy this evening and get free stuff (while supplies last). The best (IMO) prize is the “Roadie” mirror for drop bars from CycleAware. I have one to give away. If you want it, be the first read more »