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Greetings to all!

I never imagined he’s that geeky: Masiguy actually looks over his visitor logs to see where his visits are from! But then I got curious and it’s interesting to see my visitors from Trek, QBP, Haro (I’m sure it’s Masiguy), REI, Jenson USA, etc. Thanks so much for dropping by! All of the top visit read more »

Cycling in a winter wonderland

Thanks to all for the holiday greetings and wishes. My family and I had a wonderful visit with my brother and his family down in lovely San Diego. My brother Mark gets used fry oil from the Mexican restaurant down the street. He showed me the simple rig he uses to filter the fry oil. read more »

Bicycle Christmas cards

Bicycle themed Christmas greeting cards are available from a number of vendors. I like these bicycle chain images from Skeese Greets. Other bicycle Christmas cards are available from these resources. Earth Rider has a nice wheel and wreath card reproduced from a linoleum print among their greeting cards. For those in the UK, Sustrans has read more »