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Gucci Bicycle

In an “orgy of sponsorship and marketing,” Italian fashion house Gucci created this $3,400 special edition Dutch style city bicycle. This Gucci special edition bicycle is available at Gucci stores in Beijing and Hong Kong. This Gucci Bicycle is part of Gucci’s “8-8-2008 Limited Edition” collection. Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini created eight exclusive accessories read more »

The $960 bicycle helmet

Behold the “Bianchi by Gucci” bike helmet. It looks like a multi-sport helmet with a face shield. I have no idea if this is helmet has CPSC certification (for the USA) or EN 1078 (for Europe). Buy online from, which sounds like a really pedestrian way to shop.

Korea to offer bicycle insurance (I think)

The English translation of an editorial in a South Korean news site is a little awkward, but it seems to say that bicycle insurance will be introduced nationwide in South Korea later this year. I’m a little bit surprised to learn that only three percent of South Koreans ride a bicycle for transportation, though apparently read more »

The short history of Cycle Chic

Way back in 2007 I made note of a brand new blog on “Cycle Chic.” Back then, most of you knew me as “Fritz” while Mikael Colville-Anderson went by the nom de plume “Zakkalicious.” He called his blog Cycleliciousness, changed it (briefly) to “Copenhagen Girls On Bikes” before settling on Copenhagenize. I wrote back then read more »

Trackstand Kim

My photo of Kim Capriotti trackstanding in front of the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas was my most popular photo yesterday on Flickr. Kim’s a professional photographer from Chicago. I think a girl watching site linked to the photo. Bike news and stuff below the fold.