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Hans Larsen rides a bike share bike

Hans Larsen is the director of the city of San Jose Department of Transportation. I saw him on a Bay Area Bike Share bike Friday night, so I chased him down and dragged him to the UBSJ bike photoshoot taking place on 1st at San Carlos. The rest of the photos are kind of amazing. read more »

Hans Rey, Danny MacAskill & Steve Peat

Three generations of trials riders / extreme mountain bikers all in one place! Hans Rey & Steve “Peaty” Peat went to Scotland to spend some time on the trails of the Scottish highlands with trials sensation Danny MacAskill.

If you’re an American and read this blog on Thanskgiving you need to get away from the computer

I’m posting this now before I run out of time: Have a great Thanksgiving, all. Times are comparatively tough for many people. If you’re not one of the million who are newly jobless this year in the United States, you’re faced with the insecurity of not knowing if you’ll be employed in the next few read more »

Hans Monderman

Tom Vanderbilt’s book Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do is like the Freakonomics of cars. Vanderbilt draws material from his book on this Wilson Quarterly essay about “The Traffic Guru,” Dutch traffic engineer Hans Monderman. He gained fame especially among traffic calming enthusiasts for his “shared space” approach to urban street design. Monderman read more »

25 years since Loma Prieta

I attended colleage in far away Texas when the Loma Prieta quake shook the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay areas on this day in 1989. Disaster preparedness officials and local media are using the opportunity of this quarter century anniversary to remind people of the day when shaking famously interrupted the World Series game read more »

Bike skills can save your life!

If you’re ever attacked by three five masked minions of Hans “No Way” Rey, your superior bike handling skills just might save your life. H/T to Harri Manni.