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Hans Monderman

Tom Vanderbilt’s book Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do is like the Freakonomics of cars. Vanderbilt draws material from his book on this Wilson Quarterly essay about “The Traffic Guru,” Dutch traffic engineer Hans Monderman. He gained fame especially among traffic calming enthusiasts for his “shared space” approach to urban street design. Monderman read more »

Hazards, cycling and lawsuits

Santa Cruz railroad trestle bridge The railroad trestle bridge over the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz has a walkway along the bridge that was originally built for railroad worker access. Over time, this became a popular public access between the Boardwalk and East Cliff Drive. The city of Santa Cruz and Union Pacific Railroad read more »

NPR Talk of the Nation: Rob Anderson and Noah Budnick

Update – Show Notes: Host Lynn Neary displayed a very clear and obvious anti-cyclist bias in this show, labeling cyclists as “arrogant” and “self righteous,” accusing cyclists of riding recklessly, causing collisions, getting in the way of motorists and causing road rage. Neary make Rob Anderson’s speaking points for him — she listed the potential read more »