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Happy Monday

The return of nice weather to California means Highway 17 to Santa Cruz was packed with beach traffic. Between Scotts Valley and Ocean Street in Santa Cruz, Highway 17 is a limited access highway with no bicycles allowed, but when I saw the hundreds of cars stalled on the congested ‘freeway,’ I was so tempted read more »

Happy Monday

It was another awesome weekend in Santa Cruz, California. The kids and I went mountain biking from the UC Santa Cruz fire roads and into Wilder Ranch State Park, where I made a wrong turn so we ended up halfway to Davenport, California when we popped out on Highway 1. We rode a couple of read more »

Happy Monday

It turns out I didn’t need to work over the weekend; the code change we tried was a completely disastrous failure, which means there was nothing for me to test. Release date is in six weeks, so we’ll need to eliminate this important feature we were trying to fix. It’s Just a Ride has a read more »

I don’t care if Monday’s blue

Happy Monday. I can handle rain, sleet, lightning, thunder, wet socks, but then I arrive at the office this morning and discover the coffee maker is broken! I fear this combined with those red Starbucks anti-Christ cups littering the trail are portents of evil tidings. Look for a brief collection of Monday bike news below read more »

Happy Halloween: Bay Area mayhem, death & destruction

Do you remember that poor 12 year old kid who was right hooked by a Lincoln Navigator at his school driveway in Byron, California? Bike lawyer Bob Mionske writes about him and compares the response of local authorities here vs what they do in the Netherlands. When the driver says, “I didn’t see the cyclist,” read more »

Monday morning bicycle news

Happy Monday, and happy April Fool’s Day. Lady Fleur asked me to participate in an April Fool’s Day prank involving cats and bicycles at the Caltrain station in San Jose this morning. I haven’t the least clue what she has in mind; she just said I need to “pretend you like cats.” For the latest, read more »