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Happy Thanksgiving

I’m going to be happy, fat and lazy this holiday weekend. Any posts you see over the weekend are pre-scheduled — I plan to be mostly away from Internet access until at least Sunday. Have a good one, my friends!


In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day tomorrow with family visits, feasting and American football games.

Strava art: 52 miles, 4600 feet, and a turkey with a hat

San Francisco cyclist Bret Lobree logged his 53 mile ride with 4600 feet of elevation gain to Strava to wish you a happy Thanksgiving Day. View at Strava: GOBBLE GOBBLE. Ammon Skidmore rode with him too.

Airport parking status

In the United States, we’re beginning a long holiday weekend of travel to celebrate a national Day of Thanksgiving. This means travel to visit friends and family as we join together to feast and watch American football. People trying to park at San Francisco International Airport last night were queued to I-380 on Highway 101. read more »

San Francisco bike injunction loosened

Okay, I lied – I’m posting this quickie tonight: Judge modifies San Francisco bike project injunction. Read the details at Streetsblog SF. You might also see a guest post or two over the weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!


In the old days when I was a teenager — you know, the simple days when dinosaurs roamed etc, and Tipper Gore warned us of the evil of Twisted Sister — my next door neighbor and best friend “Kim” was an avid runner. We were having one of those deep talks that teens have and read more »