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Help! Help!

I’m trying to find the website for a new bicycle built around an infinitely variable drive system. I vaguely recall seeing something about it, something that I noticed only in passing. The reason I ask for help is because I simply cannot find it, and my increasingly porous memory doesn’t help at all. We were read more »

vSphere 5 Network PXE install

Note to my regular readers: There is no cycling or transportation content in this article about installing and booting VMware ESXi 5.x via the network, which is related to my day job of operating systems bringup in a group that designs new x86 server hardware.

Bike blogs for 2011

A lot of social media activity has migrated over this past year to portals like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Tumblr, but several new cycling blogs have caught my attention and yours in 2011.

Will work for free Stanford tickets

Ellen Fletcher (age 80-something) organizes the bike valet parking for Stanford football games. She needs your help! The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is looking for volunteers to provide watchful eyes over hundreds of bicycles parked during Stanford Football games in our bike corrals. Game times and opponents are posted at This year’s game schedule: read more »

Charinko etymology and loan words

Charinko ( チャリンコ ) is a Japanese word for “bicycle.” For years I’ve thought the shortened “chari” was a loan word from the English “chariot.” I was wrong.

San Jose bike rodeo help needed

Last spring, Dave, I, John Brazil and some other people made a stink about Noddin Elementary School‘s bike ban in San Jose, California. The school administration agreed to lift the ban after “Streets Smarts” safety instruction and a bike rodeo. The Bike Rodeo is coming up on Saturday, October 10, and the organizer Tara Jones, read more »