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Highway 101 bike crossing project

Murph wants to document Highway 101 bike crossings across the San Francisco Peninsula from the City down to San Jose. As Murph notes, 101 is a large traffic sewer with homes, jobs and other commercial activity on either side. He has a comprehensive list, but I’ll just quickly post a couple of videos and photos read more »

Ventura County: Ralph Fertig Memorial Bike Path

California Assembly member Das Williams, representing portions of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, introduced ACR 58 to honor long-time bike advocate Ralph Fertig by naming a bike path after him.

Highway 101 bridge for East Palo Alto

The city of East Palo Alto, CA will host a meeting on Wednesday, November 19 to discuss plans for a pedestrian / bike bridge over Highway 101 east of University Avenue near the IKEA store.

Crossing Highway 101: Hillsdale Boulevard

The eight lane Highway 101 partitions the San Francisco Peninsula with an eight lane wall of traffic from San Jose to San Francisco. The Caltrain line with its 50,000 daily commuters runs to the west of 101. Businesses, jobs and residential areas can be on either side of the highway. Many of the three percent read more »

Highway 101: University Avenue Crossing

I’m contributing to Murph’s Bay Area Highway 101 Crossing Project directly to his Holier Than You blog now. This morning, I posted details on the University Avenue crossing between Palo Alto and East Palo Alto. Next up: Willow Road in Menlo Park.

Crossing Hwy 101: University Avenue

Here’s another South Bay video contribution to Murph’s Highway 101 crossing project. I’m crossing over in this video on University Avenue from Palo Alto over to East Palo Alto (where IKEA is at). Unlike Willow Road just a couple of miles to the north, University Avenue doesn’t have ugly merge lanes. Traffic is very heavy read more »