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Lower ridership on Highway 17 Express Bus

The Highway 17 bus between Santa Cruz and San Jose CA is a mode of transportation near and dear to my heart. It’s the daily ride “over the hill” for myself and hundreds of others for work, school and outings. Santa Cruz Metro, which operates this bus service, increased one-way and roundtrip fares 40%, and read more »

Big expansion for Santa Cruz Highway 17 bus service

In response to standing-room only crowds on the popular Highway 17 commuter bus service between Santa Cruz and San Jose, the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (“METRO”) announced a significant expansion with 11 new weekday runs and an additional run on the weekends.

Santa Cruz Metro considers Highway 17 fare increase

The Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District board voted in favor of a fare increase on the popular Highway 17 service to “maintain an optimal farebox recovery ratio.” Most fares will increase 25%. A public hearing and second vote is required before the fare increase, scheduled for June 10, takes place.

Bicycle Highway 17?

Riding a bicycle on California Route 17 over the Santa Cruz Mountains is legal between Los Gatos and Scotts Valley, but in no way do I recommend trying to share the road on this highway. You’re sharing the road with very heavy high speed traffic which is often moving well beyond the 50 mph speed read more »

Highway 17

California State Route 17 is the main route connecting Santa Cruz with San Jose. During the week there are something like 38,000 trips across the Santa Cruz Mountains on Highway 17. As I type this on Saturday morning where we have an expected high of 98°F today, I’m sure Highway 17 is bumper to bumper read more »

California Highway 17 fatal wreck

Traffic was backed up all night through the Santa Cruz Mountains past my home along Highway 17. Even if you don’t know the codes it’s not too hard to figure out from the context. “TC” is “Traffic Collision”; “1125” is traffic hazard (i.e. crashed vehicles are still in the roadway); “1141” is ambulance requested; “1144” read more »