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Honjo brass fenders

Pre-production brass Honjo fenders: These brass Honjos seen at Soma Fabrications blog.

Titanium fender from Honjo

Honjo Koken hand fabricates 20,000 metal fenders each year. They’re regarded as the best bicycle fenders in the world, and are priced accordingly at $150 and up. Honjo fenders mostly made from aluminum or brass, but the Honjo rep visiting the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Sacramento has a prototype titanium fender on display. read more »

Bike meets doom

What does it look like when a nice Cinelli flies from the roof rack of a car at highway speeds? Look if you really want to know, though I warn you it’s ugly and may be inappropriate for children and those with weak constitutions. Cyclists like politicians. Encouraging bicycling not with facts and admonitions, but read more »