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Honking at the cyclist

Keri Caffrey was shooting video with bike patrol officer Bill Edgar of the Orlando Police Department as they took the lane for a law enforcement bike education project. A motorist lays on the horn to harass the cyclists before Officer Edgar moved over and stopped where the motorist could see his “POLICE” shirt. Edgar then read more »

@AAAOregonIdaho I recently learned that honking at…

@AAAOregonIdaho I recently learned that honking at cyclists is apparently a common and accepted practice in the UK. @transsafe

Don’t honk at cyclists, Bro

Whenever I ask non-cyclists not to honk at cyclists, they often react with surprise. “I sometimes honk to let you know I’m behind you!” they explain.

Electric car horn for bicycles

I occasionally talk a big game in the various social media sites, but I’m generally a pussycat on the road and big believer in cooperating with other traffic when I’m on my bike. I’m assertive about my road rights, but I won’t be a complete jackass just to make a point. Hence, I’m not a read more »

Did a car horn kill Erica Abbott?

From the New York Daily News: [29 year old Erica] Abbott suddenly lost her balance … after a car horn honked and she turned her head, witnesses said. The cyclist, who was wearing a helmet, fell toward traffic and a 2002 Mercedes-Benz ran her over, police and witnesses said. This is horrible. Please don’t honk read more »

Road Rage Karma: The Sequel

Remember a couple of weeks ago when the impatient motorist honked at the lane taking cyclist, and the cyclist turns out to be a police officer? Something like that happened as well in in the UK. A road rage teenage driver repeatedly targeted a cyclist and left him fearing for his life. Nine times [18 read more »