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How Boulder Colorado became "bike friendly"

Boulder Bike Story from Bikes Belong on Vimeo. I lived in Boulder County and frequently cycled in the city of Boulder, and I can attest to the bike friendliness and amazing cycling opportunities there. Boulder residents began building for non car transportation in the 60s. Last year, 46% of the city’s transportation budget was spent read more »

False Alarm

An alert went out this week for a road cyclist who apparently disappeared somewhere in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Cyclist amputates foot to free shoelace from chainring

Shout out to Jim aka “Bikerly” from Minnesota. He’s in Santa Cruz this week and camping out in my garage. He has more bicycles than me! (Not Bikerly)

Caltrain 233

Where: Northbound Caltrain #233 just north of the California Avenue station in Palo Alto. When: 9:10 AM this morning. What: A disturbing metallic *clank* shudders through the train

Freiker in Los Altos, California

Almond Elementary School in Los Altos, California became the first school in California using the innovative and successful Freiker “Frequent Biker” program that uses incentives and electronic tracking to encourage school children to ride their bikes. The program began with a parade Tuesday afternoon in which children were outfitted with the Freiker tags, which are read more »

Folk cycling

“Folk cycling” is the antithesis of “vehicular cycling.” While vehicular cycling is the practice of bicycling in a visible and predictable manner in accordance with the principles of driving any other vehicle on the road, most cyclists don’t believe the rules of the road apply to them. They either don’t care about the law, don’t read more »