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@TransForm_Alert Clever. Search box doesn’t work f…

@TransForm_Alert Clever. Search box doesn’t work for me; Chrome 19.0.1084.56 + Fedora Core 15.

@Commute_by_Bike Does this work?…

@Commute_by_Bike Does this work?

Bike to Work Day Colorado 2014

Colorado’s Bike to Work Day in late June always confuses everybody else around the nation who do it during National Bike Month in June, but hey, it works for them so go with the flow.

Does Facebook really generate that much traffic?

This is about real physical traffic, as in the movement of people. Not web traffic. This is not an article about how Facebook can help your search marketing efforts. Long time readers know I once worked for Sun Microsystems at the Menlo Park campus now leased by Facebook. Known as “Sun Quentin” for its prison-like read more »

A good example of a news story about biking to work

The first time I was interviewed for a “bike to work” story a little over a decade ago, I gave my story – I’ve biked to work since the 1980s, through all weather, and my rides to work are overwhelmingly pleasant and without incident. He asked about any accidents. With 20 years of biking, I’ve read more »

@prinzrob yes, noted. ACS does count undocumented…

@prinzrob yes, noted. ACS does count undocumented workers. @ladyfleur