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Avid cyclist to newbies: It’s your fault we can’t have nice things

Clarification: I’m told Volkswagen’s financial sponsorship of People For Bikes (and, correspondingly, their influence) is fairly small. I don’t philosophically have difficulty with an auto manufacturer spending their marketing dollars on bike projects, but I do believe it’s important to be aware of where those dollars are coming from. People for Bikes is a bicycle read more »

Always good for laughs

In this episode of People Behaving Badly by KRON 4 News Stanley Roberts, an ethics teacher tries to tell a parking enforcement officer (on bike, yay!) that she shouldn’t get a parking ticket because /ahem/ she teaches ethics? More Bicycle News Urban Velo has been posting photo galleries of products seen at Eurobike. Start here read more »

Bicycles as public transit

Chattanooga Tennessee calls their new bike share program “Chattanooga Bicycle Transit.”

London bicycle crash map

The Telegraph took recently released bike accident data from Transport for London to create an interesting map showing the locations of bike crashes in London. The accompanying text says this map shows “the most dangerous areas for cycling in London,” repeating the error made by many other efforts to map bicycle crash data.

Civil disobedience at Colorado bicycle tour

Fritz asked if I could write on this topic. I’m happy to oblige. On July 25th, bicycle riders at Colorado’s Sunrise Century may encounter some protesters. An unsigned flier urges area motorists to engage in “civil disobedience” by blocking area roadways with their vehicles as a means of protesting the state’s new three feet passing read more »

Airline bicycle fees

Cyclelicious: Airline bicycle rules and fees. This is important if you travel by air and want to bring a bicycle. Bike Hugger says many airlines are not accepting bike boxes greater than 80 linear inches in size at all. You must get it under 80 inches, and they’ll still sock you with an oversized luggage read more »