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How to buy a used bicycle has a good article on how to buy a used bicycle. Chris Baskind tells us how to find a used bicycle, how to evaluate it, and how to figure its value. I’d add some advice on bike fit, but perhaps he’ll address that in a later article. How to buy a used bicycle.

Made In USA leather bicycle bags by Detroit Cargo

You might be surprised to know that Detroit got its start as the center of the American automotive industry by being a center of bicycle manufacturing. Several early car companies began as bicycle manufacturers, and the car factories contracted with the same suppliers of ball bearings and mechanical parts that bicycle factories used. Over the read more »

Would you buy a Japanese city bike?

I’ve mentioned mamachari (pronounced “Mama chah ree”) bicycles on these pages before. They’re the ubiquitious Japanese city bikes used by commuters and shoppers.

Steven Rea rides a bicycle

Steven Rea, curator of Rides a Bike and author of the newly released Hollywood Rides a Bike, owns and rides several vintage steel bikes.

World War 2, factories and bicycles

Lockheed provided bicycles and bus rides for factory workers during World War 2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab rides a bicycle

Do you need a new way to transport your Galaxy Tab 10.1? You can buy an entire bike through 14 Bike Co in the UK with a custom, carbon fiber Galaxy Tab holder built right into the frame!