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Huge tail light

Check out the size of the tail light on this bike. I’m guessing it’s a construction lamp of some kind. Seen at Interbike 2008 in the bike valet parking area. The days are getting shorter in the Northern Hemisphere; I finally mounted lights on my bikes this week. For the commutes, it’s time to buy read more »

Transport: A longtail from Trek!

Trek’s announcement of their 2011 Gary Fisher Collection line includes the “Transport” and “Transport+”, longtail cargo bicycles with foldup loading racks in the rear, front rack, huge cargo bags, and front porteur rack.

Are you going to the Sea Otter Festival?

The Sea Otter Festival — a huge four-day celebration of cycling begins tomorrow, Thursday, April 16. I’ll be there, will you?

Bike to Work Day Colorado 2014

Colorado’s Bike to Work Day in late June always confuses everybody else around the nation who do it during National Bike Month in June, but hey, it works for them so go with the flow.

Coming Soon: The Raven Bike

San Jose Bike Party calls their volunteer helpers “BIRDs,” which stands for “Bicycle Information Resource Director.” ” Ravens” are the elite BIRDs who try to clean up at the bike party meetup locations, but it’s an overwhelming and thankless job, and at many recent parties Bike Party have left behind huge piles of trash. In read more »

Would you buy a Japanese city bike?

I’ve mentioned mamachari (pronounced “Mama chah ree”) bicycles on these pages before. They’re the ubiquitious Japanese city bikes used by commuters and shoppers.