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Bike Jobs Love!

When I first set up my job search bot months and months ago I limited my search mostly to large cities I’m familiar with, fully intending to add other cities as I had time. Naturally, I forgot all about that, so you tend to see bike related job openings in San Francisco, but nothing in read more »

Bikes as a job benefit

Many companies offer discounts on things like amusement park tickets or (*koff*) early access beginning today for San Francisco Giants tickets, but who offers discounts on custom bicycles as a side benefit?

Boycott Vail

Money talks in Eagle County, Colorado, where the district attorney has declined to press felony hit-and-run charges against suspect Martin Erzinger because it could jeopardize his job as a fund manager to millionaires. Erzinger allegedly hit cyclist Dr. Steven Milo from behind last July, then sped away. The New York physician, who was vacationing in read more »


With an eye toward this news… I hope it’s fairly obvious, but several of the products and services I mention and review on Cyclelicious I’ve received either free or at a discount. I make it clear that there’s no guarantee of a favorable mention when I’m given things to review, and my general policy has read more »

Giveaway: collab with Murph

Today’s giveaway is a collaboration with Murph of Holier Than You. Murph owns vacation rentals in the Sonoma wine country and near South Lake Tahoe. Both are very fine holiday getaways. Murph’s giveaway? A brand new 650×23 tube. (You didn’t really think you could win a holiday rental worth thousands of dollars from me, did read more »

Good stuff from Holier Than You

My buddy Murph has some good stuff on his blog: * On the recently completely San Francisco bike plan Environmental Impact Review, Murph looks at the gridlock around a new Costco gas station and wonders if an EIR was required for their gas station. * Murph owns a vacation home in the Sonoma Wine Country. read more »