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I’ve had better days

1. Overslept. 2. Got on the bus, from where I saw three major wrecks on the highway. One of them was a 10 car pileup. 3. I wore bike-geek clothes today and totally forgot to bring a clean shirt. Dug the cleanest shirt I could find out of the dirty clothes cache in my office. read more »

Friday: a death, and bike news

A colleague and friend passed yesterday morning after a too-short battle against the East Asian Curse, stomach cancer. James of Cupertino, California was a large man who never dressed up in lycra bike clothes, but friends, family and neighbors could still describe him as an avid cyclist. His fascination with bikes began in the early read more »


If you regularly commute by bike, you’ve likely figured out by now that you might need lights, especially for your evening commutes. I’ve had a couple of my meat-world friends ask for my specific recommendations, so here they are.

Witness to a Bicycle Theft

I drive from Oakland to San Jose on Tuesdays to spend the afternoon with my son. I’ve been using Zipcar to make the weekly trip for the past few months, and It’s working well for me. My trips are usually uneventful. The end to last Tuesday’s trip was an exception.

Studded tires for winter cycling

I’ve done a lot of winter cycling on icy roads on various tires, and I can’t emphasize enough what a difference studded tires make. Studded tires are the difference between dangerous and hesitant riding to confident cycling and maneuvering.

Taiwan Cycling Festival: Riding Where Your Bike Was (Likely) Made!

TAIWAN, where I unexpectedly I got my cycling groove back! That bicycles can be a means of bringing strangers together was never truer than on this trip. An unlikely rag-tag group of 5, plus our guide, spent 12 days touring this beautiful paradise. We went from clean bustling cities like Taipei, to rice field-lined bike read more »