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IKEA bicycle

After IKEA buyers and managers were seen at recent international bicycle shows, Bike Europe reports that the Dutch furniture retailer IKEA sells bicycles in the Netherlands now. Read more at Bike Europe. Elsewhere in Europe… French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to cut the European sales tax (VAT) on fuel to reduce fuel prices. Fishermen have read more »

California Bicycle Advocacy Day

Does bike advocacy at the Capital look like the state of California?

Bicycle blogs Friday roundup

Today: A world record, bike parking in Kansas, recalls, awareness rides, and the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. Misses Palmer and Severud of Milton, North Dakota fix their wheels. North Dakota Institute of Regional Studies.

Australia and bicycles

Australian Bicycle Blogs for 2013. Happy Straya Day!

Bicycle blog link love

I’m home with bronchitis, so I’ll just throw out a list of links for the day. But first, a reminder: 7th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep this Saturday in San Francisco, rain or shine!

Bay Area bicycle news update

Happy Friday the 13th.