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In praise of pie plates

I agree with the Bike Snob that pie plates are about as misplaced on many bikes as the red skinsuit man, but they do have their utility. Pie plates are plastic rings placed against the spokes on the rear wheel of dérailleur equipped bicycles. They protect the wheel and derailleur against damage by preventing the read more »

Bicycle Pie Plate?

The number one search term for my site this week has not been “Sea Otter Classic” or anything related to that. It’s been “bike pie plate” for some reason. Weird — why the sudden interest?

Singlespeed bikes: Illegal death traps?

These bikes may be illegal to sell in the United States! Do you see the problem with these production bikes? See if you can find it before I give it away below the photos. Swobo Del Norte Spot Brand 29er Cayne Uno Strida 5.0 Bianchi San Jose Cannondale Hooligan This belt drive singlespeed from Lynskey, read more »