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In the bag

Wow, my my bag dump post went kind of viral. I posted the contents of my bag (before I cleaned it out) and several people followed in kind. Noah turned this meme into a contest: guess the weight of his bag and win a bike jersey! (I don’t mention the brand of it here…) Cycle read more »

Made In USA leather bicycle bags by Detroit Cargo

You might be surprised to know that Detroit got its start as the center of the American automotive industry by being a center of bicycle manufacturing. Several early car companies began as bicycle manufacturers, and the car factories contracted with the same suppliers of ball bearings and mechanical parts that bicycle factories used. Over the read more »

Mrs O’s Handcrafted Rando Handlebar Bags

Hillary Osborne of Denver makes and sells Randonneur Handlebar Bag as “Soule Clothwares” on Etsy. Here’s what they look like.

LED illuminated messenger bag from Rickshaw

Rickshaw Bagworks collaborates with Halo Belt to create the Halo Zero glowing messenger bag.

No booties? Use baggies to keep your feet warm

Here’s a quick tip for the cheapskates.

Pennsylvania 4 foot law bags one!

Pennsylvania’s 4 foot bicycle passing law went into effect on Monday this week. The law claimed it’s first hapless victim on Monday afternoon, when a 17 year old driver was ticketed for failing to pass with four feet after he rear ended a cyclist on the Fahy Bridge in Bethlehem, PA.