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Tready calls it Speedlinking, so here we go… WIRED: Rent bikes via cellphone in Germany. Photo by Bruce Turner in Austin. MAKE: Conductive paint LED bike helmet. Photo: One legged track cyclist at the Thinking Blog. I see a one legged bike commuter during my commute on some mornings. Gizmodo doesn’t like the bicycle food read more »

Bicycle blogs and news

There’s a lot of worthwhile stuff in the bicycle blogosphere to read up on if you haven’t already. Here’s some of the news for your weekend entertainment and education. Newsweek highlights comfort bikes. Paris transit strikes mean big business for Velib. Must read: The Flying King. The bike is the messenger on a story in read more »

The bloggers of Interbike

Here are some of the Interbike 2007 bloggers. I had a great time meeting up with all of these wonderful people. Most of them have Interbike updates so be sure to visit their blogs. Tim Grahl of the Crooked Cog Network. Raleigh brand manager Carey writes the Raleigh Commuters and Raleigh Bicycles blogs. Dave “The read more »

Bicycle blog bicycle news

BRaIN gives a nice overview of “yellow bike” rental schemes (historical, proposed and real) in Paris, Chicago; San Francisco; New York; Washington, DC; Portland, OR; and even Lexington, Kentucky. The Bike Sharing Blog covers this trend in detail. Thunderhead Alliance released their first benchmarking report detailing the level of bicycling and walking in the United read more »

Sharing the road with horses

I hope you all had a great New Year. While riding on New Years Day, I encountered a group of equestrians who celebrated the Year of the Horse with a horseback ride on public roads. Their route included the most heavily traveled stroad in my city. Orange County cycling attorney David Huntsman points out that read more »

Interbike 2012 Roundup

One of my colleagues passed away last weekend. He was an ornery cuss but lovable all the same. I’m headed to his funeral now so this will be a real quickie roundup.